#Make an #Easy #Yarn-Wrapped #Ombre #Monogrammed #Letter!

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Made several of these for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.  Be careful what you attempt to attach the the wood l, if it’s too heavy it’ll come off.  The complete yarn ones are very nice.

FULL ARTICLE / SOURCE https://www.catchmyparty.com/blog/diy-how-to-make-a-yarn-wrapped-ombre-monogrammed-letter

I was just wondering how would I do this with the letter M without making it look weird. Like if I was to do it ombré like that. It would be a light colour on one side and be dark on the other. - So I made mine just right now and I did a few things differently: Used spray adhesive (bad idea) Did a G (VERY difficult) This blog/page helped me! Thxx :)

I tried this but ended up just using cardboard underneath instead of wood & it worked awesome! (Cheaper too) Also switched out ombre and just did a variegated yarn.
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